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July 1, 2024, will mark our 30th Anniversary! 

30 Years and Counting! Can you believe it? We have always said that we wouldn’t be here without you. Well, it’s time to prove it!


This summer, we are giving our customers a chance to win big with their recommendations. For the month of July, we want to display your favorite books. At the end of the month, the customer with the most sales will win a $100 gift certificate for your favorite bookstore (The Country Bookseller, in case you were wondering).


How to enter:


  1. Send your name, book title, and author to with the subject line “Customer Recommendation”.

  2. Wait for confirmation from us that your selection is available.

  3. Send us your review. If you need guidance, check out our reviews at . We encourage entries from all ages and reading levels, so if you need further assistance, send us your rough draft and we’ll help!

  4. Starting July 1, talk up your recommendation with everyone you meet and encourage them to buy it from The Country Bookseller.



  1. One entry allowed per customer.

  2. All submissions must be received by Friday, June 21, 2024.

  3. Your selection must be available to us through our normal distribution channels with our standard ordering policies. We will inform you if the title you select does not qualify. We want to make sure we have no difficulties stocking your selection.

  4. In order to count towards your sales, the book must be purchased from us directly. Customers can shop in store or call us to place an order for pick up or to ship to them (shipping charges will apply).

  5. Should your selection become out of stock at any point during July, customers can place an order and prepay for the book. As long as the order is placed before August 1, it will count towards your sales even if the book does not arrive before then. 

  6. While we strongly oppose censorship, we reserve the right to refuse any book that is written solely to spread hatred, discrimination, or misinformation. Should a book be submitted that meets those criteria, we can happily recommend countless other books that will expand your view of the world and ultimately better your life. 




1st Place: $100 Gift Certificate to The Country Bookseller

2nd Place: $50 Gift Certificate to The Country Bookseller

3rd Place: $30 Gift Certificate to The Country Bookseller

Our top 25 from five years ago! 

Stop by the store to chat with us about your favorites or find out more about ours! (Okay, there may be a few more than 25...)

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