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If you would like to contact us about carrying a book you have published, please stop by the store. If you are unable to, please call us at (603)569-6030 or email us at

We do need to see a copy of the book before we make the decision to carry it in our store. Check the criteria below to see if we may be interested in carrying your title.

  • Must have an ISBN

  • Must have title printed on the spine

  • Should be cost effective ($30 paperbacks totaling 150 pages are hard to sell even if it's the greatest book ever)

  • Editors are a plus (even a missing comma or period can be a nuisance)

  • Helpful to have a local connection

Please keep in mind that even if your book meets these criteria, it may not be a fit for our store and its clientele.

Thank you for your interest.

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