Book Signing
Sunday, July 3

Join authors Carol Busby, Glenn A Knoblock, Mary Kronenwetter, Jessica Martin, Autumn Siders, and Tammy Sollenberger for an in-person event at The Country Bookseller Sunday, July 3 from 10am to 12pm. The event will take place outside rain or shine.

From history to rom-com and self-help to children’s books, this diverse group of authors ensures there will be a book for everyone.

Carol Busby’s “Sailing Against the Tide'' delves into the mystery of the real-life Anne Bonny, a female pirate from the 18th century. While this work is fiction, Busby uses both fact and rumor to craft the story of what happened to this trailblazing woman who always sailed against the tide. In addition to being a writer, Busby is a teacher and former lawyer who lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two cats. 

Glenn A Knoblock’s work documents a wide variety of subjects in New Hampshire and New England history. Some of his most recent titles include: “Women of Granite,” “Hidden History of Lake Winnipesaukee,” and “New England Shipbuilding.” He and his wife have also published a children’s book, “Fighting for Freedom” which follows the life of a 10-year-old enslaved boy in colonial New England as the struggle for independence begins. This book is for ages six and up. He holds a BA in History from Bowling Green State University and is a local resident and familiar face in Wolfeboro.

“Pauper Auction” by Mary Kronenwetter examines a young woman’s struggle to escape unexpected poverty and find purpose and autonomy in early New England. In this well-researched historical fiction, strangers become friends, confidantes, and lovers. Tragedy becomes hope, and a family of the heart help each other find their futures, together and apart. Kronenwetter holds a doctorate in education and has taught at colleges in the United States, China, and Japan. She lives in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire and has served as a museum educator at Historic Deerfield, The John Hay Estate at The Fells and the Enfield Shaker Museum.

A Shakespeare-obsessed town is the setting for Jessica Martin’s rom-com “For the Love of the Bard.” Miranda Barns returns to her hometown of Bard’s Rest, NH to finish writing her Young Adult novel. As if her writer’s block weren’t enough, the man who broke her heart enters the picture to win over her dog and her love. Martin is a lawyer by trade and a writer by choice. In the suburban wilds of Boston, Jess shares her life with a finance geek, a small sass-based human and a pair of dogs named after Bond characters.

Autumn Siders’ most recent book is the second installment in her witty children’s series. E.M. Sanchez is well-known for two things: her skills as a private investigator and her love of tuna. In “E.M. Sanchez and the Missing Acorns,” Sanchez and her partner Web are enlisted to help an old friend in need. These mysteries contain beautiful illustrations by Carli Gauvin and are targeted towards ages five and up. Siders' previous works include “#nofilter,” “Not My Type,” “Spermeo & Juliegg,” “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,” and “E.M. Sanchez and the Broken Bird Feeder.” Siders has a B.A. in English from the University of New Hampshire and has been the manager at The Country Bookseller for 19 years.

Using a succinct, easy-to-approach style, Tammy Sollenberger’s “The One Inside” is a self-guided way to strengthen the connection between your Self and the competing parts inside of you, the parts of you who battle and cause tension, uncertainty, and anxiety. Whether you’d like to become more emotionally aware, feel overwhelmed by seemingly conflicting parts of the self, or often feel stressed by indecision, “The One Inside” can help access your own inner wisdom–and your most authentic self. Sollenberger is a licensed clinical mental health counselor with a busy private practice in New Hampshire. She holds a Master in Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. 

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