Michael Bruno

New Hampshire history is uniquely on display along the highways of the Granite State. The New Hampshire roadside historical markers commemorate significant events and individuals from the first settlers arriving in 1623 to notable individuals who helped define what New Hampshire is today.
This book explores the 255 New Hampshire historical markers that dot the state highways and roads. Each marker is described with its location (to include GPS coordinates), date installed, marker inscription, and expanded historical references of this event/individual. Information may also be provided about other points of interest in the vicinity of the historical marker.

Michael attained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration as well as a Masters in Education from Saint Joseph's College in Standish, ME. He earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) of Organizational Leadership in Education from NorthCentral University in Prescott, AZ. In 2015, he attained an Education Specialist (Ed.S) degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

Michael served for more than 23 years with the U.S. Army, enlisting in 1986 as a Mountain Infantryman. He retired in 2009 at the rank of Sergeant Major.

Upon returning to the Granite State, Michael was hired as an Army JROTC Instructor in his home state. 

Michael resides in White Mountains Region with his wife Kristin and their golden retriever. Michael has served his community as a Library Trustee and as a member of the town Planning Board and Fire Department. In 2018, Michael earned his certification as a Granite State Ambassador.

Julie Carrick Dalton

An urgent message from her long-estranged best friend Daniela brings Cadie back to her childhood home. There, they are forced to face a dark secret that ended both their idyllic childhood bond and the magical summer that takes up more space in Cadie's memory then all her other years combined.

Julie Carrick Dalton grew up in Maryland and on a military base in Germany. As an adult, she bounced around from Seattle to Dallas to Virginia, before finding her true home in Boston, where she has lived for more than twenty years. Her writing has appeared in The Boston Globe, BusinessWeek, The Hollywood Reporter, Electric Literature, and other publications. She contributes to The Chicago Review of Books, DeadDarlings, and The Writer Unboxed. A Tin House alum and graduate of GrubStreet’s Novel Incubator, Julie holds a Master’s in Literature and Creative Writing from Harvard Extension School. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of writing fiction in the age of climate crisis. Mom to four kids and two dogs, Julie is a passionate skier, hiker, and kayaker. She also owns and operates an organic farm. Please excuse her dirty fingernails.

Daniel W. Lake

From his writing desk in his hand-built New Hampshire cabin, Dan Lake sends forth a surprising new version of an old story. Reconnect uses Dan's unique vision and expertise in religion, science, and philosophy to blend current knowledge and technology with ideas that have been with us from the ancient Greeks to Spinoza and Whitman.

The result is a new paradigm of oneness designed to embed us once again in our only home, Earth.

Lake has taught all of the high school sciences and has been a newspaper journalist for several years. His degrees are in biology and theology. For decades he was a Congregational Minister in Connecticut. He now lives in the Central Lakes Region of New Hampshire and writes from his cabin in the woods.

Mj Pettengill

The year is 1872. The Civil War has ended, leaving behind a nation torn and economically depressed. Etched in Granite is a harrowing account of life and death on a rural New England Poor Farm —​ a tragic, yet triumphant novel that tells a story of courage, survival, and secrets surrounding lost love.

The story continues with The Angel's Lament and Down from the Tree.

Mj Pettengill is an author and social historian with a focus on cultural narrative and traditions, historical and inter-generational trauma integration, ancestral healing, and social welfare development. 

She is a cellist and has a background in Civil War Musicology and trumpet performance. Before transitioning to the world of writing, she performed as a soloist with various musical organizations, featured in numerous Living Histories, Reenactments, and Historical Events throughout the Northeast.
Aligned with her passion for nature and the ancient healing customs of her ancestors, Mj practices the art of gathering and preparing wild food and plant medicine. 

She creates in her woodland studio on a farm nestled deep in the wilds of New Hampshire.
Mj completed undergraduate studies in social history, theology, music, and psychology. She has an MFA in creative writing. 

Autumn Siders

Poetry reflects life, and life is full of ups and downs. Read a poem a day or devour the collection in one sitting; either way, Siders captures the range of emotions that make us human. Whether you are riding high or stuck in the pits of hell, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not has the perfect poem to match your mood, bring you down, or save your soul.

Autumn Siders lives in New Hampshire with the world-famous cat, Emilita. You may also know her as our manager here! Her prior works include: #nofilter, Not My Type: Stories, and Spermeo & Juliegg: A Reproductive Tragedy.

Marissa Levien

The World Gives Way will be published on June 15th. A raffle will be held at the event for a signed copy and we will happily take pre-orders as well!

In fifty years, Myrra will be free. Until then, she's a contract worker. Ever since she was five, her life and labor have belonged to the highest bidder on her contract--butchers, laundries, and now the powerful, secretive Carlyles. But when one night finds the Carlyles dead, Myrra is suddenly free a lot sooner than she anticipated--and at a cost she never could have imagined.

Marissa Levien is a writer and artist who hails from Washington State and now lives in New York with a kindly journalist and their two cats. She received her MFA from Stony Brook University in 2019.

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