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Kingswood Recommends

Find out what is popular with our local high school students with reviews direct from the source!

The Current

The Current is about two young women who were traveling to a small Minnesota town. The two young women get into an accident and they crash into a icy river, but only one survives. This accident awakens a mystery that happened ten years earlier in the same river. The young woman who survived this crash is determined to solve both mysteries. The thing she doesn't know is that the secrets she is discovering, are unfolding dangerous truths.

-Review by Alivia Blaney (Grade 7)

*Note to parents, this is not classified as young adult and may have some subject matter for a mature audience

This Boy

This Boy is about a teenager going through high school and dealing with addiction, "the right gang", love, and friendship. I felt this book was a bewildering way of showing an amazing friendship from start to finish. This book was definitely a story that made me cry with the sadness of loss. (It was more painful for me than the character). It was so touching to see the love of a mother in progress. While the main protagonist dealt with his drug addiction, his mother went to risky heights to help him. This story was definitely one of the best books I've read this year from the view of a high school boy who goes through the worst of the worst. It was also an amazing love story. A girl who has to choose from one friend to another. 

I would definitely suggest this to anyone; it's just an amazing story.

This author, Lauren Myracle, is definitely one I will follow for other books like “The Infinite Between Us” or “Shine”.

-Review by Miya C

Dress Coded (Available July 7)

The book Dress Coded is about a girl speaking her mind in middle school while dealing with her brother who is under the influence of nicotine. The protagonist (Molly) is trying to balance creating a small podcast to a large rebellion, as well as understanding that her parents needed to quit their jobs to help her brother cope with his addiction. Molly is also dealing with middle school drama like the whole "we're not friends anymore because you're not cool enough." It's also about her dealing with bullies (in more ways than people might think).

This novel by Carrie Firestone is due to hit shelves in early July. It is a very touching story, and a great way of showing how girls can speak their minds. I would recommend this to anyone with a love for speaking their minds, and dare I say, “girl power”.

-Review by Miya C

With the Fire on High

With the Fire on High is a book written in the young adult fiction genre. This book is about the struggles of a young woman named Enomi, who got pregnant at the age of 14 while she was living with her grandmother, or Abuelita, in a small city in Philadelphia. Fast forward two years and Emoni is a talented senior at Fairhill High School. She has always had an incredible knack for cooking and has masterful hands that have been creating delectable dishes since she learned how to hold a knife. Abuelita and her best friend Angelica have helped her raise Babygirl, but when 'Buela suddenly has all these strange doctor's appointments, Emoni gets worried. Emoni continues to go to school but starts to skip her culinary arts class after Chef Ayden tells her to trash her dish. Oh yeah, and she might have also just met the love of her life.

This book would be a choice for readers looking for a strong female lead with a hidden soft side.

-Review by Maddie

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